Game Changing Electric Folding and Electric Cargo Bikes

Formed in 2011, based in Taipei, Taiwan, Tern gained devotees by offering some of the most innovative folding bikes available.  Today, Tern impresses us with very solidly built electric folding bikes – Tern Vektron’s – that ride so nice.  Choose from four models now in a range of price points and component choices.  Tern took another big step over the last couple years by launching the Tern GSD (Get Stuff Done!) electric cargo / electric family bike.  Now offering two models, the Tern GSD S10 and the GSD S00.  No other electric cargo bike can do what the GSD’s do.  A GSD will fit on a regular bicycle rack.  It has folding parts that allow it to fit inside a small SUV, an elevator or a closet!  But, it still carries up to 400 lbs of passenger and cargo.  Attach up to two child seats, or up to 6 larger panniers.  Re-think electric cargo bikes with a Tern GSD.

Tern Name, Background, and Philosophy

Tern named the company after a small, lightweight bird that mates for life and holds the world record for the longest migration. Tern is working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle—the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle—is central to that vision. Every action they take can be traced to this single, simple foundation.  Tern builds bikes with an eye to changing the world. Or at least the way that folks get around our world. Tern bikes bring together all the things people need – to allow you to drive less and ride more.  Tern designs products with an eye towards function and long-lasting durability.

Awesome Bike Designs, Complimented with Intelligent Accessories

In addition to offering some of the absolute coolest electric cargo and electric folding bikes, Tern follows up by delivering a comprehensive line of smart accessories that make your Tern bicycle even more useful.  Check out the many bags, panniers, racks, lights and other items from Tern – often with quick release features to make bike life even easier.



Tern eBikes
Tern GSD Gen2

Tern GSD Gen2

(ETA Q4 2020)

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