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Riese & Muller – Test Bikes ON SALE Now

Receive extra value and take your new Riese & Muller home now.  We’re offering our Riese & Muller Test Bikes on sale at attractive values – look below for “SALE”.  Our Riese & Muller Test Bikes are in excellent condition (most have very few miles) and come with a full warranty and all the benefits of purchasing a bike from Current eBikes – Lifetime Tune-ups, Full Coverage Warranty, Multiple Test Rides, Professional Sizing & Adjustments, and special prices on Accessories.

Please phone us – 831-621-2309 – to schedule an appointment, get the latest details, or place a deposit. 

Riese & Muller – New Bikes IN STOCK

Current eBikes has a nice selection of new Riese & Muller premium electric bikes.  Look for the “IN STOCK” phrase within the bikes listed below.

Please phone us – 831-621-2309 – to schedule an appointment, get the latest details, or place a deposit.  

Riese & Muller – Founded in 1993 – Continuing to Set Benchmarks Today

What we love about Riese & Muller electric bicycles is their dedication to quality and spirit of innovation.  Riese & Muller designs and produces unique electric bikes that almost no one else in the industry is providing.  Electric bikes with valuable capabilities such as full-suspension (Control Technology), carbon belt drive systems, continuously variable shifting systems, a choice of Class 1 (20 MPH) or Class 3 (28 MPH) drive system in many models, and much more.

Mobility for the Future

Modern urban society is evolving. In terms of urban mobility, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly important.  Riese & Müller is setting new areas of focus and investing even more in innovative electric bikes and eBike technologies, such as eCargo bikes and compact eBikes. Flawless workshop service, smooth technology and superlative riding behavior are now part and parcel of R-M’s portfolio.  Riese & Muller’s proclaimed goal is to take over as the market leader for premium electric bicycles – they are on their way.


Custom Order Your Riese & Muller

As a higher volume Riese & Muller “Experience Store” Current eBikes offer one of the widest selections of RM Test Bikes for you to see and ride.  We also generally stock a nice selection of Riese & Muller models you can buy today – and we just might have the perfect for you.  Many Riese and Muller customers choose to custom order their Riese & Muller bikes – produced in Riese & Muller’s German factory (lead times vary – usually measured in months).  Choose among a large selection of models, then in most cases, select your preferred Bosch electric drive system (motor, battery and display), the right mechanical shifting system and tires for your use, bike color, frame size, and accessories.  It may take a little longer, but you will have it just the way you want it.  Please contact us for a consultation.