Riese & Muller

Exciting Riese & Muller News for 2020

Riese & Muller has several electric bike models that are all new for 2020.  Each of the following models will include the new Bosch Generation 4 electric drive systems.  Please check out the full line of Superdelites (integrated dual batteries for 1,000Wh) – pavement oriented and off-road (Superdelite with GX Option or Superdelite Mountain).  The Delite – pavement or off-road versions – offers a lighter, even more nimble, riding experience.  The vaunted Supercharger is now the Supercharger2 with updated styling, colors, and display options.  The Riese & Muller Load 60 and Load 75 class leading electric front loading cargo bikes have also been redesigned for 2020.  The Load electric cargo bikes stand apart as one of the only full-suspension cargo bikes on the market – offering unparalleled comfort and control.  In addition to new Bosch Gen4 drive systems, you’ll be able to choose new colors, accessory options for the box, and new connectivity choices for your Load 60 or Load 75.

While several other Riese & Muller models will continue with their previous Bosch electric drive systems, they have been updated with new colors, new accessories, and/or new connectivity options – including the Bosch SmartphoneHub or Bosch Kiox color displays.  The incredibly capable Homage is now available in electric red metallic.  The “do-it-all” Multicharger and Multicharger Mixte electric cargo bikes now offer more passenger accessories and the choice of the nearly bomb proof Rohloff shifting system – with a gear range of 526%.  The ever popular Nevo GT continues with a large array of configuration options.  The workhorse Packster 40, 60, and 80 front loader electric cargo bikes have newly updated ergonomic and box accessory choices.  We’ll be glad to share all the Riese & Muller updates for 2020 – please call or stop by our store in downtown Santa Cruz, CA.       

Founded in 1993 – Continuing to Set Benchmarks Today

What we love about Riese & Muller electric bicycles is their dedication to quality and spirit of innovation.  Simply put, Riese & Muller design and produce unique electric bikes that almost no one else in the industry is providing.  Electric bikes with valuable capabilities such as full-suspension (Control Technology), carbon belt drive systems, continuously variable shifting systems, a choice of a high speed (Class 3) bike in many models, and much more.

It all began with two engineers, a good idea and a garage. But not in California, rather In Darmstadt, Germany. Immediately after the company was founded, it won the Innovation Prize 1993.  Twenty+ years later, Riese & Muller has grown to become an internationally renowned premium manufacturer of electric bikes. 

Riese & Muller Philosophy

Designed for athletes, commuters, families, bike tourists, tradesmen, and for everyone who simply loves cycling. There’s no such thing as one eBike for everyone – but for everyone there is one eBike that’s right.  Every Riese & Muller model represents a complete solution for a specific purpose. It is only through this that R-M bikes deliver the best riding characteristics for the greatest riding pleasure. Your satisfaction is Riese & Muller’s greatest incentive.

Road to the Future

Modern urban society is evolving. In terms of urban mobility, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly important.  Riese & Müller is setting new areas of focus and investing even more in innovative electric bikes and eBike technologies, such as eCargo bikes and compact eBikes. Flawless workshop service, smooth technology and superlative riding behavior are now part and parcel of R-M’s portfolio.  Riese & Muller’s proclaimed goal is to take over as the market leader for premium electric bicycles – they are on their way.


How To Buy / Order Your Riese & Muller

While we stock several Riese & Muller models, many Riese and Muller customers choose to custom order their Riese & Muller bikes – delivered from Germany in 5-12 weeks.  Choose among a large selection of models, then in most cases, select your preferred Bosch electric drive system, the right shifting system and tires for your use, bike color, and accessories.  It may take a little longer, but you’ll roll out with YOUR Riese & Muller.  Please contact us for a consultation.