About Us

  Current eBikes is The Electric Bike Shop for the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas.   Local, family owned – we’re a full service shop — sales of new electric bikes, biking accessories, bike racks for your vehicle, repairs, and electric bike rentals.

Current eBikes caters to people who are interested in the amazing benefits of modern electric bikes.  Like riding up hills with ease, clean commuting without perspiring, traveling 25, 40, or 60+ miles with electric assist, carrying groceries and passengers on your bike, climbing mountain trails so you can enjoy more downhills.

With over 75 different electric bike models from 9 quality brands, we have the largest selection of electric bicycles in the region.  We offer electric bikes in the following types – Family / Cargo Bikes (front loaders, long tails, compact rear loaders, etc.), City / Comfort Bikes,  Commuter Bikes (some up to 28 MPH), Drop-bar Gravel / CX, Folding Bikes, Cruiser Style, and a wide selection of Electric Mountain Bikes – eMTB’s (hard tails, fat bikes, full suspension).

We’re happy to introduce you to the world of electric bikes and answer all your questions.  We encourage test riding.  We’ll help with bike sizing and ergonomic adjustments to ensure your bike is super comfortable.  We make sure your bike is tuned and operating great.  We’ll assist you in selecting and installing accessories.

How about after you’ve bought your bike from Current eBikes?  We include Unlimited Lifetime Tune-ups to keep your bike in its best condition for years (that can save you over $400 in just a few years).  We include our unique “Full Coverage Warranty”.  Most bike / bike component warranties cover parts, but typically not the labor to diagnose and replace those parts.  With our Full Coverage Warranty, if something doesn’t work right during the warranty period, we take care it – period – parts and labor.  We’ll figure out the root cause, source the needed parts and execute the installation to fully resolve things – that’s Full Coverage. 

High Quality eBikes

Our priority is to provide our customers with the best experience possible — before, during and after the sale. Yes, we’ve worked hard to select great products. But just as importantly, we’ve researched the companies behind the electric bike brands we offer. These companies are serious about the electric bike market, they have a track record of customer care, national dealer networks (for when you travel or perhaps move with your eBike), and a long term plan for success.

A good electric bike is a significant investment—we understand. We believe you’ll see the difference in working with a shop dedicated to electric bicycles and with brands who are in it for the long haul.

We’re located in Downtown Santa Cruz, CA at the southern end of Pacific Avenue, across from Lotts Auto Stereo in the new 4 story apartment/condo building.  We’re just a few blocks from the Wharf and the spectacular West Cliff Drive — a wonderful place for a self-guided electric bike tour – or just 12-18 minutes from killer MTB trails.