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Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

Servicing the major brand electric bike we represent 

Bicycle Tune Up

Get your bike feeling like new. We’ll adjust your shifting, brakes, torque all bolts on the bike, check & true your spokes/wheels, lubricate key components, air your tires and perform a comprehensive safety check.

Recommended annually or every 1000 miles.

Does not include replacement of wear items.

Want your drivetrain extra clean? Ask about our in-depth cleaning services. (cleaning price will vary depending on bike style and level of cleaning needed)

Tire Service / Replacement

Call ahead to make sure we have an opening – most often we can get your tire(s) problems resolved same day.

Current eBikes offers a wide selection of quality bicycles tires for urban use, off-road/mountain use and even hybrid applications.

We can assist you with an assessment of the remaining life of your tires.  We offer replacement of your original OEM tires and/or alternatives that may suit your present needs better than the original.


Tubeless Tires or Tire Armor Inserts – Improve your Puncture Protection

Tubeless tires offer better traction and lower rolling resistance – however, tubeless systems require periodic maintenance. Let us help keep the air in your tires and rubber on the trails.

Tire “Armor” Inserts substantially reduce the chance of a flat 

The latest Tire Armor Inserts will prevent most tire punctures and keep you rolling.  Contact us for a quote to upgrade your tire protection.

A-La Carte Repair Services

 Prices quoted are for labor on standard repairs, excluding parts. A detailed evaluation and quote will be provided before any service is performed.  Please call or stop by for a consultation.  Hourly Rate: $90 / hour.

Service Cost
Shifting Chain install $30
Derailleur Adjust $25+
Brake Brake Bleed $45
Brake Pad Install $25
Hydraulic Brake Piston Service (brake adjust/pad replacement add-on) $25+
Mechanical Brake Adjust $25

Service by appointment.

Same day turnaround on most service work.

Our labor rate is $90/hr

Call us to set up an appointment today, or learn more about our services below.

Please note: We do not work on gas-powered bicycles or electric scooters.