Bicycle Repair and Service in Santa Cruz

Most Popular;  Our Standard Tune-up $75.00

We’ll get your bike back in great shape – same day service is often available – call to make an appointment today

Did you know…  this Tune-Up is FREE, as often as you need it, for a bike you purchase from Current eBikes  🙂


Full service on conventional bikes, Brompton folding bikes, and the eBike brands we offer; Focus, Haibike, Kalkhoff, Pedego, and Tern

Prices below are for most bikes. Current eBikes may quote adjustments to these prices based on the actual bike and job. Any adjustments will be reviewed and approved in advance by the customer.  Current eBikes guarantees its work. if you’re not completely happy, we’ll make it right for you.

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Safety Check
(simple inspection and adjustment of - brakes, gears, chain, tires,
quick lubrication and suggestions for other services, if needed)
Standard Tune-Up
(adjustments – brakes, headset, wheel hubs, bottom bracket, derailleurs, cables,
shifters, wheel truing, tire inflation, inspect and lubricate chain, and simple wipe down of bike)
Major Tune-Up
(includes Standard Tune-Up items plus opening, inspection, and lubrication of headset,
hubs, bottom bracket, drive train clean and lubricate. complete wipe down of bike)
Complete Overhaul
( Major Tune-Up items plus a complete removal, inspection,
cleaning, and lubrication of headset, hubs, bottom-bracket, drivetrain, and deep cleaning of bicycle)
( Ground up assembly of entire bicycle with carefully selected components )
Flat Repair
(certain eBikes may be additional cost)
$12 + tube if needed
Derailleur Adjustment (each)$15
Chain install$10
Brake Pad Install$10
Disc Pad Install$15
Headset Adjustment$12
Brake Bleed$30
Wheel Truing$15-35
Box Bike for Shipment$75
Build Bike$70+

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