Rad Power Bikes

Over the past decade, Rad Power Bikes has become one of the largest bike companies in N. America by offering affordable moped style electric bikes.  Rad Power Bikes provides an extensive product line for nearly any biking need including;  commuting, off-road adventure,  folding, cargo & family or just fun and recreation.

In early 2024 Current eBikes became your local authorized sales and service Rad Power Bikes Dealer.

Rad Power Bikes Service:  Current eBikes is prepared to assist you with any post-sales service need on Rad Power Bikes – we do this by appointment so please phone – 831-621-2309 Tuesday thru Saturday – to schedule service.

Rad Power Bikes Sales:  Current eBikes represents Rad Power Bikes for new bike and accessory sales.  Please NOTE: Current eBikes will match Rad Power Bikes online prices for new bikes – along with the online fee charged for local bike shop assembly fee ( typically $199 to $229 ).  By choosing Current eBikes to supply your Rad Power Bikes new bike you’ll receive excellent pricing, our local support for all warranty related issues and our Lifetime Standard Tune-ups.  Please visit or phone – 831-621-2309 – for a consultation or details.