Diamondback / iZip

Diamondback and iZip

In North America, the well known brand Diamondback operates together within a family of bicycle brands which include Redline (renowned for BMX bikes), and iZip ( an early innovator in the electric bike market ).


Founded in 1977 with an initial focus on BMX bikes, Diamondback Bikes, headquartered in Kent, WA, now offers a full line of conventional urban and mountain bikes.  In the electric bike segment, Diamondback has focused on the sportier Class 3 (28 MPH) models such as the Union 1 and 2.

iZip Bikes

Started in 1998 as Currie Technologies, iZip is the longest running electric bike company in the USA.  Now part of the same family of companies that includes Diamondback, iZip offers affordable quality electric bikes.