Howdy Folks,

We just finished up our first monthly group ride and it was great! If you haven’t already heard, Current eBikes is hosting electric bike group rides every second Saturday of the month… are next ride is on February 11th. These rides are also a great opportunity to bring friends and get them on an eBike, we offer rentals at 50% for the ride. So $20 gets you 2+ hrs on a top of the line electric bike!

These rides are intended for FUN, so the pace is fairly casual. However if you want to join and sweat a bit more than the rest of us, just turn down your pedal assist and get to it! Check out the Video recap here, and the written recap below!

Group Ride from Current eBikes on Vimeo.

Anyways, I wanted to post a short recap of our ride last Saturday, and hopefully convince a few others to join us on the 11th! Like I said, it was awesome!

So to start the day, riders showed up to the shop as early as 9AM for Coffee and breakfast snacks…Yum! We hung out, talked about eBikes, had a bit of show and tell, and got to know each other a little better. It was great to meet riders who have been on eBikes for years and hear their story’s. We did a quick bike check and then suited up for our departure at 10AM sharp!

Our fearless leader Mike, pictured above in yellow, set the pace and the route for the ride. While our Rider Safety and Selfie Stick Operator Josh, in the red jacket, brought up the rear!

We did a solid 2 hour ride in the best weather Santa Cruz has seen in a long time. Beautiful views, fun bikes, and good company are what the Current eBikes Group rides are all about.

We hope you join us on February 11th for our next ride! Feel free to call the store to reserve a bike or ask us questions.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the next ride on MeetUp and join our group! Join Here