The locally owned retailer first in County dedicated to electric bicycles – offers new transportation choices

Current eBikes

On Saturday, September 3rd, Current eBikes, Inc., the first retail bike shop in Santa Cruz County to specialize in electric bicycles will open at 9:00 AM. The owner, Mike Ahern, chose the site at 131 Front Street (across from Kaiser Arena) for its close proximity to the future RAIL TRAIL head, downtown, the Boardwalk and the scenic West Cliff Drive. Unlike most traditional bike shops that carry just a few electric bikes (if any), Current eBikes will carry the latest and largest inventory of leading electric bike brands in the County for purchase and rental. The Current eBikes service department is state of the art and staffed by experienced bike repair technicians.

Current eBikes has the most current electric bikes the industry offers, smashing impressions of outdated, old generation models. Today’s electric bikes are lighter and more efficient, attractive, powerful and dependable than any of their predecessors. Currents inventory will appeal to commuters, parents with kids & cargo to carry, cruisers and mountain bikers alike.

Mike Ahern, the Santa Cruz based owner, believes the time is right for a store that caters to the electric bicyclist. “Multiple trends are converging to drive impressive growth in the electric bicycle market; including advancements in designing technology, a growing need for clean transportation to mitigate environmental concerns, and over-crowded streets”.

Electric bicycles open up outdoor activity and exercise to many people who otherwise couldn’t access the many benefits of biking.  Folks who may have been injured, disabled, or due to age, or other physical limitation, may no longer feel comfortable on traditional bikes can take up bicycling again with these latest electric bikes.  eBikes enable these individuals to enjoy the recreational, exercise and clean transportation benefits of bicycles.

A mission to educate

When we talk to people about our store, inevitably there is a lot of excitement and interest – people really want to know more about electric bicycles.  One of our goals to help people make informed decisions.  Our website ( ) and store are designed to give people the facts about a variety of eBikes and let them try several bikes before making an investment.

Careful Selection of Brands & Models

“We spent months researching the electric bike market, attending expos and meeting with bike brands before establishing our suppliers.  We selected brands that have a reputation for supporting their customers, who are leaders in their segments and are operating for the long haul. We’re just thrilled be able to serve our community with a selection of products, and support services, that we love!”

Current eBikes offers high-quality electric bicycles from several name brands; including Haibike (from Germany), Pedego (Fountain Valley, CA), Stromer (Switzerland), and Xtracycle (Oakland, CA).  Complete onsite service, sales, and hourly/daily rentals.