Services and FAQ

Safety Check
(simple inspection and adjustment of – brakes, gears, chain, tires, quick lubrication and suggestions for other services, if needed)

Standard Tune-Up
(adjustments – brakes, headset, wheel hubs, bottom bracket, derailleurs, cables,shifters, wheel truing, tire inflation, inspect and lubricate chain, and simple wipe down of bike)

Major Tune-Up
(includes Standard Tune-Up items plus opening, inspection, and lubrication of headset, hubs, bottom bracket, drive train clean and lubricate. complete wipe down of bike)

Complete Overhaul
(Major Tune-Up items plus a complete removal, inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of headset, hubs, bottom-bracket, drivetrain, and deep cleaning of bicycle)

(Ground up assembly of entire bicycle with carefully selected components )

Flat Repair
(certain eBikes may be additional cost)
$12 + tube if needed

Derailleur Adjustment

Chain install

Brake Pad Install

Disc Pad Install

Headset Adjustment

Brake Bleed

Wheel Truing

Box Bike for Shipment

Build Bike

eBike FAQ

What is an eBike?

A bicycle, with pedals, brakes, etc., that also has an “electric drive system” (an electric motor, battery, and controller). The electric drive system propels you, at varying levels of assistance that you select – from no assistance, to a little, to a lot.  Modern, quality eBikes are quiet, clean and incredibly fun to ride.  Come and try one (for free).  We dare you not to smile or laugh out loud when you do!

Why would I want an eBike?

eBikes enable new capabilities for you;

  • Travel greater distances, with less effort.  Many users choose an eBike for commuting so they don’t perspire on their commutes, or because the eBike allows them to traverse hilly terrain with much less exertion.
  • Carry cargo. Electric cargo bikes can carry up to 400 lbs of people or things – eliminating the need for many car trips. Even standard eBikes carry more cargo with less effort.
  • Fun and recreation! eBikes are just plain fun to ride. They make getting outside a blast!
  • Overcome injury or physical limitation.  eBikes allow people who may have had to stop using a bike (perhaps due to an injury, or age, or disability), or maybe never used one, to access the great outdoors.