Yamaha 500Wh Battery for Electric Bike


The Yamaha 500 Wh Battery is a direct replacement for E-bikes using both the Yamaha PW and Yamaha PW-X drive systems with a downtube mounted battery.

The 500 Wh battery is a perfect option if you are looking to add more range to your existing Yamaha powered electric bike, as the 500Wh version offers 25% more range over the 400Wh battery.

Whether your electric bike was equipped with the 400Wh or 500Wh from the factory, all downtube batteries are interchangeable for the ultimate in flexibility.

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Capacity 500 Wh
Lithium-ion battery 36 V
Charging time approx. 4.0 hrs
Weight 3.0 kg
Capacity 400 Wh
Lithium-ion battery 36 V
Charging time approx. 3.5 hrs
Weight 2.9 kg


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