Pedego Folding Lock


  • THEFT-PROOF DESIGN – Heavy Duty, Tough, and Drill Resistant, the Foldylock features 6 Heavy Duty Steel Bars and Links engineered to protect against Bolt Cutters and Hacksaws! Stop pickers, pullers, and drillers in their tracks!
  • BIKE FRAME PROTECTION – No more dings and scratches on your prized Bike! The Foldylock is made with links that are coated with premium scratch resistant paint that is strong, effective, and prevents damage to your bike frame.
  • ANTI RATTLE MECHANISM – Say goodbye to noisy rides! Rattle free holder with Velcro or bottle case is innovatively designed and is rattle free! Enjoy smooth, quiet rides without the annoyance of a loud, rattling lock!
  • EASY TO CARRY – Lightweight, Compact, and Flexible, the Foldylock fits most bikes and is easy to carry featuring special rivets that make folding easy. Never worry about leaving home without your bike lock again!
  • TRUSTED SECURITY – We are cyclists just like you, so we know tough security! Trusted in bike security, all of our locks have been tested, approved, and certified by the Sold Secure organization.


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Made from hardened steel links connected by rivets designed against sawing and cutting. The UV stable plastic coating covers the 37.4” long lock preventing scratching of your bike while keeping it secure. Water bottle boss mount and 3 keys included.


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