Bosch Intuvia Display


You can control your eBike easily and intuitively with Intuvia. The display can be read ideally in all lighting conditions. Your hands remain safely on the handle bar thanks to the separate operating unit. You always have all riding data clearly in sight. You are always pedalling in the correct gear with the gear recommendation; this spares the battery and increases your range.

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Intuitive control center

You always have everything at hand with the convenient Intuvia. The display can be read easily in any condition and gives all important information. The on-board computer is controlled intuitively via the separate operating unit.

Riding modes





Direct and maximum powerful support up to the highest pedalling rates for sports riding Immediate, powerful support for sports riding on natural terrain and even in city traffic. Uniform support for long stretches, with clear focus on long ranges. Effective, but gentle support, designed for maximum efficiency for long ranges. No support, Intuvia continues to provide all important information.

*The eMTB mode, specially designed for the Performance Line CX, dynamically varies between the Tour and Turbo riding modes, progressive motor support for maximum performance on the trail.

From pushing to strolling

Even if you have to push your eBike on occasion, this can be achieved conveniently with Intuvia. The pushing aid supports up to 3.7mph (6 km/h) and is activated in two stages for further improving safety. Thus, pushing the bike even with bulk purchases in the basket becomes easier.


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