Try life on a Gazelle!

24h Electric Bike Demo – May 16-17



Borrow a Gazelle Electric Bike All Day

(or overnight!)

Thursday, May 17

Current eBikes and Gazelle invite you to try a Gazelle eBike in your daily routine. Borrow an eBike and charger for 24h and see how it fits into your everyday life.
Commute without gridlock or sweat, get groceries and some fresh air, or cruise a beautiful coastal path…you can experience how owning an electric Gazelle city bike can change your life.
Pickup Thursday Front St.May 16th noon-6pm. @Current eBikes 131 Front St.
Drop off Friday May 17th 10am-6pm. @Current eBikes 131 Front St.
No charge. Must be 18+. ID and Credit Card Required.