Awesome Folding Bikes – made in London since 1975

Designed to fold or unfold in 20 seconds, weighing 22-25 lbs, the Brompton folding bike is the premier choice for commuting and traveling.  While there are other folding bikes, many become loose and shaky with regular use — Bromptons are designed with a focus on quality and for daily use.  Take your Brompton on a bus or train, or keep it in the back of your car, boat, plane, or RV.

*Currently Only Available On a Special Order Basis*

Three Ways to Buy a Brompton:

1. Select from our shop inventory – take it home right away.  We keep a selection of model configurations and colors here.  We have a good supply of Brompton accessories so we can further customize many aspects of your Brompton (light kits, gearing, saddles, carriers, luggage and more) on the spot. *We are currently SOLD OUT of our shop Brompton Inventory*

2. Select one from Bromptons warehouse – available in about one week.  Brompton stocks 9-12 configurations, colors, etc. in their US warehouse – these are ready for quick delivery to our shop.  From there, we can customize them further, if need be.

3. Completely customize a Brompton with the Bike Builder – arrives from London at our shop in 6-8 weeks.  Choose every detail of your Brompton in a very customized way.  Brompton will build for you in their London factory and it will arrive at our shop in 6-8 weeks.  We’ll finish the assembly and tune it for you.