Bike Racks for Cars

Current eBikes specializes and stocks a variety of bike racks for your vehicle – so you can take your bike(s) with you.  We offer bike racks for your vehicle from Kuat, Thule, and Hollywood.

We have researched and selected the leading bike racks on the market designed with electric bikes in mind.  ( Most standard bike racks are not rated to handle the heavier weight of electric bikes. )

Ramp!  Some bike racks for electric bikes include a ramp that allow you to load without lifting the bike.

Fat Tires.  Many of the bike racks we offer will work with fat tire bikes – with tires up to 4.00″ wide, some up to 4.8″ wide.

Integrated locks.  Many of these quality bicycle racks come with integrated locks to secure the rack to your vehicle and to lock your bike(s) to the rack.

Please give us call and we’ll assist you in selecting the right bike rack for your vehicle – 831-621-2309.